Връзки към старите страници на ККЕ

Международните страници на ККЕ постепенно се прехвърлят на нов формат. Можете да намерите вече обновените страници (с цялото си съдържание) на следната връзка

Statement of D. Koutsoumpas on the convening of the Council of Political Leaders on the refugee issue

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, noted amongst other things in his statement regarding the proposal for a meeting of the Council of Political leaders:

"As regards the proposal to convene a meeting of the Council of Political Leaders on the refugee issue, we do not believe that something specific and substantial can arise from it, nor do we consider that a united-"national" as they call it-strategy can be formed, when there exist diametrically opposed views and proposals.

In essence, the government, as the Prime Minister stated in parliament yesterday, and also the other political parties are proposing the meeting as a negotiating tool, in order to demand the faithful implementation of the recent decisions of the EU and NATO.

But, it is precisely these decisions of the EU and NATO that are creating the problem.

We recall that the KKE, already in October, had denounced the decisions of the EU on the refugee issue, which the government had agreed to and which transform Greece into a trap for refugees and immigrants. We can see the results and we experience them every day.

These decisions provide for the sorting and relocation of a small number of refugees, while for the majority there will be repression, refoulement and their entrapment in Greece. At the same time there are uprooted people from war zones, like Afghanistan, whose status as refugees is illegally not recognized by the EU, something that in the end results in their entrapment.

Really, how is it possible for there to be consensus between the KKE and the other parties, when these parties welcomed the involvement of NATO in the Aegean, in full knowledge that this involvement is using the refugee issue as a pretext but in fact is related to the war and the competition in Syria and will be utilized by Turkey to advance its well-known claims about grey zones and its violations of our country's sovereign rights?

The KKE has proposed the direct transfer of refugees-immigrants from the countries of first asylum, like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and also of all those that have been trapped on the Greek islands, to the states of their final destination, under the responsibility of the EU and UN. The KKE has expressed its opposition to the hot spots or sorting and relocation centres.

It has proposed the creation of humane and decent temporary reception centres, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Immigration Policy. And, of course, the KKE works to strengthen the struggle of our people against wars and interventions in the region, against Greece's involvement in these wars that uproot even more people.

The positions of all the other parties in any case are adequately expressed in the parliamentary procedures, as are the KKE's, and in the contacts between the parties. In this sense, the government is well aware of all the detailed positions of every party. A meeting of the political leaders with the content that government and the other parties are giving it is meaningless and does not help to resolve the problem. Consequently, it does not need to be convened."